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Malawian Grandmothers And Orphaned Children Housing Service Project

Norman Cultural Connection is pleased to announce an opportunity to help provide much needed tin roofs to replace thatch roofs on huts in Malawi, Africa. This is a follow up to the project that grew out of a 2018 talk by Dr. Jocelyn Shealy McGee about her work with widowed Malawian grandmothers who care for up to a dozen orphaned children in each hut. NCC initiated a fundraiser to provide needed resources to replace the roofs with tin on 22 homes! The project was supervised by Ida Puliwa, Executive Director of the Othakarhaka Foundation (Passing Along the Kindness), Malawian nonprofit organization. For more information about this group visit: www.othakarhakafoundation.mw

Currently, 27 homes are in need of a new tin roof. The cost for each is $350, with materials and labor provided by Malawians helping their community of grandmothers and orphaned children. Please consider making a donation toward this life changing project by going to www.normanculturalconnection.org. Use the DONATE Button and indicate the ROOF Project with your donation. To contribute by check, please email to Norman Cultural Connection, PO Box 1201, Norman, OK 73070.

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